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A refrigerator is one of the most essential electrical appliance used in the kitchen. However, with so many options to choose from, it's often confusing. Samsung's range of French Door refrigerators goes many steps ahead of convention to result in a product that is not only great in function, but also in form. The look is absolutely stunning, but it also has its share of convenience for the family. For instance, the drawers are situated in line with the average kitchen counter height for the refrigerator to blend in and seem like a part of the kitchen. The independent mid drawers basically serve the function of easy access drawers to allow members of the family to get what they want, quickly and easily. The Smart Divider, another great inclusion, divides the refrigerator contents via the independent mid drawer for organising and placing items according to their usage, or the family preference.

Coming to the technology, the Temperature Control is an independent drawer which plays the role of a refrigerator within a refrigerator. Once the mode is selected from the list of elaborate settings, i.e., 29 ℉ (Meat / Fish), 33 ℉ (Cold Drinks), 37 ℉ (Deli / Snacks), 42 ℉ (Wine / Party Dishes) – the drawer automatically adjusts itself to suit the contents stored inside. The rest of the refrigerator is also backed by the power of twin cooling, a technology that is present in refrigerators that are of five times the cost of Samsung French Door refrigerators. The freezer stays dry, and the fridge air remains humid to maintain the right kind of humidity and ensure that the food items do not dry out.

Energy consumption is also a pretty important factor for Samsung, which is why the LED lighting on the outside gives an element of style, while the same provision on the inside lights up every corner of the refrigerator and the storage compartments. These semi permanent LED light bulbs consume 5% of the energy consumed by regular bulbs and also deliver better illumination. On the whole, the refrigerator is supported by Samsung's Planet First initiative, which basically means that they are engineered to deliver more performance while consuming less energy, so that every family can contribute to the environment in its own way.

Even a small element like the handle has been crafted with precision, as the door can be opened even by a child! The capacity of Samsung French Door refrigerators is also pretty huge, with one of the models offering 101L of space, so that one can stack up the refrigerator with all the necessary material, and then forget the trips to the grocery store. A water dispenser is a pretty standard inclusion in advanced refrigerators these days, but with Samsung's LED touch display dispenser, the elegance and style goes up by quite a few notches. Also, thanks to the tall opening, one can even fill pitchers and tall glasses just with the touch of a button.

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Cool even in the summers – Samsung refrigerators

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This article was published on 2011/08/17