Samsung refrigerators: Food stays fresh, your family, delighted!

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Samsung, the world leader in consumer electronics, has always provided fantastic innovations in the domain of kitchen appliances to make the task of homemakers easy, and the most recent example of this is the RFG28MERS refrigerator, which packs in quite a punch owing to all its features. To begin with, it has been crafted keeping in mind that the environment is of utmost importance for a safe and healthy future. So, it is extremely energy efficient, and allows the family to lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the environment. The LED Touch Dispenser, another fantastic inclusion in the RFG28MERS, offers a tall opening which ensures that even pitches and tall glasses can be filled with filtered water from the dispenser, at the touch of a button! Also, the RFG28MERS has LED lighting on the insides to not only look great, but also provide proper illumination to all corners, besides consuming 20 times less energy than conventional lighting, which means a significant amount of energy savings with better performance.

The RFG28MERS refrigerator also features an easy handle that makes opening the drawers a fairly simple task, so much so that even a child can do it! The sturdy doors of the RFG28MERS are now just a gentle pull away from giving access to hygienic storage and nutritious food. Also, talking in terms of capacity, one gets 101 liters of compartment space for storing all kinds of food items, be it frozen foods, regular food items, fruits, vegetables, etc., which basically means that now, there’s no need to continue going to the grocer’s over and over again. Just one trip is enough!  Also, the Twin Cooling feature in the Samsung RFG28MERS refrigerator features the cooling technology that is present in refrigerators that are five times its price! Basically, it fans each chamber independently, so that freezer air remains dry, i.e., as it should be, and the fridge air remains humid, so that food items retain their freshness for a longer period of time.

The Samsung RFG28MERS also works as a refrigerator within a refrigerator, with an independent drawer that has four different temperature settings – 29 ℉ (Meat / Fish), 33 ℉ (Cold Drinks), 37 ℉ (Snacks), 42 ℉ (Wine / Party Dishes) – for storing different kind of food items, so that one has customisable space to use the refrigerator however they want. The Smart Divider in the Samsung RFG28MERS refrigerator gives the user the ability to divide the refrigerator contents to ensure that the refrigerator suits a family of four. The independent mid drawer can be used for storing frequently used items, while the rest of the items can be smartly and conveniently divided using the Smart Divider. Also, the refrigerator drawers of the Samsung RFG28MERS are situated evenly with the average kitchen counter height, so as to give a feeling of a seamless and integrated experience that suits all kinds of kitchen interiors. All in all, the Samsung RFG28MERS is incomparable to any other product in terms of features, looks and pricing!

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Samsung refrigerators: Food stays fresh, your family, delighted!

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Samsung refrigerators: Food stays fresh, your family, delighted!

This article was published on 2012/01/04